‎#whOWNSpace wants to help take back the commons in Greenpoint (not to mention NYC, the US, and around the world). It all starts with a walk, a talk, a few simple materials, and you. Join us today at 1:00pm at 155 Freeman. Design experience not required.

This Public School NY studio/class will use design and urban theory to critically study the design, ownership, and rules of Greenpoint’s open spaces and infrastructure as part of the #whOWNSpace project. The lens for the studio will be on neighborhood power dynamics around space, focusing on the potential of open space to create democratic vitality. 

Meet up: 155 Freeman St, Brooklyn 
Facilitators: DSGN AGNCDoTank:BrooklynBRUNO596 acres 
Twitter: #whOWNSpace#GRNPNT